Can you use a fast action rod for crankbaits?

With crankbaits casting distance is one of the most important considerations. … It also provide a significant amount of cast control. The rod I use most for crankbaits is a Shimano Compre (CPC-C70MB) baitcasting rod, 7′ long, medium power, medium-fast action.

Is a fast action rod good for crankbaits?

A good crankbait rod should have a relatively slow action. In other words, the rod should start to bend down about half way down when moderate pressure is applied to the top section. Fast action means that just the top third will bend with the same pressure.

What rod is best for crankbaits?

Top 8 Crankbait Fishing Rods

  1. Lew’s David Fritts Perfect Crankbait Rod. …
  2. UglyStik GX2 Casting Rod. …
  3. Abu Garcia Ike Signature Power Rod. …
  4. St. …
  5. Wright & McGill Skeet Reese S-Glass Rod. …
  6. Shimano Sellus Casting Rod. …
  7. Lamiglas XP Bass Spinning Rod. …
  8. Dobyns Fury Crankbait Rod.
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What is a fast action rod good for?

Fast action is useful for big, strong predators in deep water. Using a fast action rod in small or shallow waters will prove frustrating for catching anything but weeds and driftwood. Slow action rods work well with short casts and small fish.

Can you use a spinning rod for crankbaits?

Again, the answer is yes, but you’ll want to use your spinning tackle selectively. The key is to use a spinning reel for your lightweight crankbait, and if you have the option, use a baitcasting rig for your heavier lures. … But you’ll want to have both baitcasting and spinning gear if you’re serious about fishing.

What rod does KVD use for crankbaits?

KVD believes in paying attention to detail, and part of what makes him a successful crankbait fisherman, is his complete cranking system. From Quantum Tour KVD E-Glass Crankin Rods and 5.3:1 Quantum Smoke Reels to the Strike King 10XD Crankbait, fishing line, treble hooks, and electronics.

What action rod is best for topwater?

The best overall topwater rod for poppers and other smaller top water lures is the Shimano Zodias (6′ 10″ Medium).

Best Rod For Top Water Popper

  • Length: 6’3” – 7’3.
  • Action: Moderate.
  • Power: Medium.
  • Parabolic Flex.

What’s a good gear ratio for crankbaits?

Crankbait specialists like the power of a low-speed reel such as a 5.0:1 model for winching deep-diving crankbaits to their maximum depths. Whereas guys who like to rip lipless crankbaits through vegetation or keep a buzz bait skittering across the surface prefer reels with 7.1:1 or higher gear ratios.

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What kind of rod do you use for swimbaits?

Below are our picks for the best swimbait rods on the market:

Rod Length Lure Weight
Okuma Guide Select Swimbait Rod 7’11” 5 – 14 oz
Ardent Denny Brauer Swimbait Rod 7’6” ½ – 1 ½ oz
Dobyns Fury Casting Rod 8′ 2 – 8 oz.
Okuma Scott Martin Tournament Concept Rod 7’11” ¼ – 2 oz

How fast should I reel in a crankbait?

The correct speed of any crankbait reel is 21 inches of line pick-up per turn of the reel handle. Most of that information is on the internet or on the packaging. If it isn’t, measure what your reel is doing with a ruler. It’s that important.

What are 7 3 rods good for?

7’3″ Medium/Heavy Casting Rod Specs

SUGGESTED TECHNIQUES: This all purpose rod is great for a large multitude of techniques. From Texas rig to Jigs to large Spinner baits, and everything in between.

What is the difference between a fast action and slow action fly rod?

Simply stated, a fast action rod is stiffer than a slow action. A fast rod bends only about a third of the way to the tip, while a slow rod will bend almost all the way to the butt. An intermediate speed rod should bend about halfway.

How do I choose a rod action?

A fast action rod will bend in only the top third or less of the blank, a medium or moderate action will bend in the top half or so and a slow action will bend starting in the lower third of the rod. Sometimes slow action rods are termed ‘parabolic’, meaning the bend of the rod is similar throughout the length.

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What lures to use with spinning rod?

If the water is clear, it is essential to scale down to lighter line and finesse lures and that is when a spinning rod shines. I use a spinning rod then for casting soft plastic jerkbaits, plastic tubes, wacky-rigged Senkos or floating worms, Mojo-rigged plastic lizards and finesse worms on lightweight shaky jigheads.

Can you use a baitcaster rod with a spinning reel?

Yes, technically, you can use a baitcaster on a spinning rod, but it’s not usually done because a spinning rod typically uses a spinning reel, which is the exact opposite of a baitcaster. Because the spinning rod typically uses the opposite type of reel from a baitcaster, they aren’t designed to be used together.

Can you catch big bass with a spinning reel?

If you believe spinning rods and light line can’t catch big bass, you are sadly mistaken. A spinning rod has long been referred to as a “fairy wand” in the bass fishing world and has a bad—and false—reputation for only being used to target small fish.

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