Do trolling motors scare fish?

Engines scare fish. … One of the loudest sounds made below the waterline by most other engines — electric trolling motors included — is prop noise, directly related to prop speed. In other words, slow down. You can significantly cut the level of noise simply by backing off on the throttle.

Do trolling motors spook fish?

Once trolling motor is on, it’s part of its environment. Fish get used to the sound, therefore NOT spooked. It’s the turning on and Off switch that will spook fish.

Does noise actually scare fish?

Be quiet or you’ll scare the fish. … Since sound doesn’t travel well between air and water, loud talking or screaming will be barely noticeable to the fish underwater. They won’t get spooked or scared. However, sound that occurs underwater is loud and travels fast.

Can you fish without a trolling motor?

Even if your boat doesn’t have a trolling motor, you can still catch loads of fish. … We were fishing in a new area during some of the toughest fish-catching conditions, but we still had a really fun day and caught lots of fish and several different species in this short 30-minute podcast.

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Do aluminum boats scare fish?

Yes. Boats can scare fish away with loud sounds, electric leakage or discharge, fishfinder devices, absence of communication, or even water contamination.

Do fish hear boats?

By Helen Korneffel | November 20, 2019. Researchers found that fish can hear human-created, noises and that their ears are harmed by them. … “One hundred and seventy decibels are loud, but boat noise, especially up to a few meters away, can be much louder than that.” Hair cells are sensory cells in the ears.

What sounds scare fish away?

Sounds above water, such as loud talking or music, do not penetrate water very well and rarely scare fish. However, sounds that transmit vibrations directly through water, like dropping pliers on the bottom of a boat, stomping on a dock or a running boat motor, can temporarily spook nearby fish.

Can fish really hear you?

But can your fish hear you? The answer is… Yes, fish can hear your voice and will often associate it with a particular action. If you talk to them just before you feed them, for example, they’ll often swim to the top of the tank as soon as they see you or hear you speak.

Why do fish stare at you?

They do, but it’s not what you think. Fish quickly learn to associate you with food. When they see you, they’ll come to the front of the tank and watch, anticipating that you’re going to feed them.

Do you actually need to be quiet when fishing?

Being quiet is important if you expect to catch big fish. But being quiet doesn’t mean not making noise. It means not making unnatural noise. … Most of the time it’s better to turn off your trolling motor when you’re fishing.

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Do u have to be quiet while fishing?

Bottom you should be as quiet as possible and definitely avoid very loud noises, but no need to go to extreme lengths to be quiet. It depends on what you mean by being quiet. On shore or on the water, you can speak as loud as you want (and even shout) and it’s not likely to affect the fish.

What are fish afraid of?

Fish are scared of their own reflection and try to fight themselves when they look at a mirror, a new study has revealed. They become even more frightened when they see their reflection making the same moves as them and appearing to fight back, found researchers.

How shallow can a bay boat go?

Most bay boats will allow you that 10-14 inch draft to suite your shallow water needs while also giving you you a comfortable and safe ride in chop. Lastly, for those that just want to go offshore where the water is deep and blue you can look at much larger boats with a much deeper draft.

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