Do you need a fishing Licence in the Bahamas?

Yes. All persons over the age of 12 are required to have a licence to fish the flats. Licences are issued by the Department of Marine Resources in New Providence, or the Out Island Administrators in the Out Islands. Fly fishing licenses will be available on Go Outdoors Bahamas for pre-registration online soon.

How much fish can you bring back from The Bahamas?

Bahamian regulations allow for no more than 60 pounds of fillets, OR 20 whole scale fish PER VESSEL, NOT PER PERSON. You cannot transport or possess any snapper/grouper species while in or on the waters of the EEZ in violation of Federal regulations. This includes closures, seasons, and bag limits.

How do you catch a fish in The Bahamas?

Hand line fishing grew from the simple necessity of catching fish for sustenance – all you need is fishing line, a hook, sinker and bait. With a little bit of patience, cast a line off the beach, pier, dock or boat and even the least proficient fisherman is guaranteed to catch fish in the Bahamian waters.

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Is net fishing illegal in The Bahamas?

The Fisheries Regulations prohibit sportfishers from the use of a spear, trap or net (other than a landing net), unless such use is specifically authorized. The authorization to use a spear is easy to get. CAN I USE A SPEAR GUN? The use of a spear gun for fishing is not allowed in The Bahamas.

What are three types of fishing in The Bahamas?

Fishing in The Bahamas can be split into three major categories. These are subsistence, recreational, and commercial fishing. On a number of Family Islands, many eat fish to supplement their diet with high quality protein from the sea.

What is illegal in The Bahamas?

The possession or use of illegal drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy, is a criminal offense in The Bahamas and can result in time in prison. While visiting The Bahamas, you are subject to Bahamian law. … Stay away from drug traffickers, who are often armed and violent.

What fish can you eat in The Bahamas?

That’s right. Hundreds of varieties of fish are available, including sea bass, swordfish, pompano, mullet, kingfish, yellowtail, tuna, wahoo, snapper, grouper, mackerel, and dolphin fish.

What is the best fish to eat in the Bahamas?

Native fish and crustaceans

For an authentic Bahamian dining experience, travelers should avoid common seafood options, like shrimp or lobster, and try native fish like grouper and snapper.

Is there a lobster season in the Bahamas?

Lobster season in The Bahamas opens August 1 and runs through March 31st, and there are some very specific rules you must abide by as a visitor.

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How much does it cost to fish in the Bahamas?

The cost for a fishing license is USD $5 per day, USD $20 per month or USD $60 for an annual license.

Is shark fishing illegal in the Bahamas?

The Bahamas has banned shark fishing in its waters and prohibited the sale, import and export of shark products. The new law will effectively turn all 630,000 sq km (243,000 square miles) of the nation’s territorial waters into a shark sanctuary.

Can you kill billfish in the Bahamas?

Catch and release is strongly encouraged. Unless you are fishing in an approved tournament, all billfish (Marlin, Sailfish, or Swordfish) caught must be returned to the sea unharmed. … It is illegal to take coral, tropical fish or sea fans. Nothing may be taken from Bahamas National Underwater Parks.

Can you catch a blue marlin in the Bahamas?

The Blue Marlin is the largest and most powerful fish in the Bahamas. Strap in for huge sprawling jumps and powerful runs at speeds up to 50mph! Best spotted in warmer and shallower waters, catching a Blue Marlin is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you and your best buddies will never forget!

Can you eat barracuda in the Bahamas?

Barracuda meat can be poisonous. Some bahamians still eat it and take the chance. Ka-lick is the proper pronunciation.

Where is the best fly fishing in the Bahamas?

Abaco Lodge: Bahamas Fly Fishing on Abaco Island

Abaco has more than 400 square miles of flats, none better known than the Marls. They have long been known by well traveled bone-fishermen as one of the most unique and productive fisheries in the world.

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Why is fishing important to the Bahamas?

The fisheries sector plays an important role in the Bahamian economy in terms of foreign currency earnings, food supply and employment. … The recreational and sport fisheries target game fish, such as marlins and sailfishes, as well as bone fish.

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