How do I choose a crankbait?

To most effectively fish a crankbait, you need it to periodically contact structure. To do that, you should whenever possible opt for a crankbait that runs slightly deeper than the water you are fishing. If you’re fishing a breakline that drops into 5 feet of water, you should choose a crankbait that runs 6 feet deep.

What size crankbait do I need?

The size of the crankbait you use should be appropriate for the size of the bass you are going after. If you are fishing for White Bass then you should be using a smaller size lure based on the fact that these fish average in size from 10 – 12 inches and no more than 2 pounds.

Top Bass Crankbaits

  • Strike King Pro-Model 6XD Crankbait.
  • Rapala Rippin’ Rap 6 Lipless Crankbait.
  • Bomber Model A Fishing Lure.
  • Spro Little John Crankbait.
  • SteelShad Lipless Crankbait.
  • Norman DD22.
  • Rapala Crankin’ Rap 3.
  • Booyah Streak IV.

What is the best crankbait line?

The Best Fishing Lines For Crankbaits in 2019

Fluorocarbon Line Brand / Model Knot Strength Stretch
Seaguar Invizx 100% Fluorocarbon 1000yds Highest Lowest
P-Line Tactical Fluorocarbon Highest Low
KastKing FluoroKote Fishing Line High Low
Sufix Invisiline Casting Fluorocarbon Line High Low
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What are the different types of crankbaits?

3 Types Of Crankbaits That Catch Fish

  • Floating/Diving Crankbaits (a.k.a. “Lipped”) These crankbaits are easily recognized by the presence of a diving lip, either carved into the body or attached to the nose of the lure. …
  • Lipless Cranbaits. …
  • Minnow Crankbaits.

What is considered a small crankbait?

Shallow Diver: A shallow diving crankbait possesses the smallest lip in the lineup. It will generally dive 1 to 5 feet and is primarily used for very shallow water, weed-infested water or for fish that are high in the water column.

Crankbait Buyer’s Guide.

Species Approximate Crankbait Length
Crappie 1-3 inches

Do I need weight for crankbait?

You can alter the performance characteristics of hard baits like jerkbaits and crankbaits by adding weight to them. … Making a lure suspend, rise slowly or even sink can come in handy when you want the bait to stay in the strike zone longer. But, adding weight can also change the action of the bait.

What is the best color crankbait?

VanDam’s 6 best crankbait colors

  • Orange/Red Craw patterns – I throw the craw patterns in the earliest part of spring, no matter what the water clarity is.
  • Chartreuse/Black Back – My top choice for dirty water all year long.

What are crankbaits best for?

Crankbait fishing is the technique of choice for bass anglers who need to cover water quickly and explore various depths. Today’s crankbaits come in a variety of body shapes and widths, but the lure’s bill is the key feature defining a crankbait as a shallow-, medium- or deep-diving plug.

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What is crankbait good for?

Crankbaits are among the top-producing lures for any species that eats smaller baitfish and crayfish. They allow an angler to quickly cover water and will be appealing to any fish that is in a feeding mood. They will even tempt those that are not hungry.

Can you throw a crankbait on braid?

Braided line is a great choice when bass fishing with crankbaits.

Can fish see braided line?

While there are many benefits to using braided line, being undetected by fish is not one of them. … Fluorocarbon is the line that is most invisible underwater, while braided line is the strongest, yet most visible above water. The same can be said about highly visible colors such as yellow and red.

How deep does a lipless crankbait go?

Because of their buoyancy and sinking action, lipless crankbaits can be fished in water depths up to 20 feet or more, although most seasoned anglers will tell you they have better luck in depths of 10 feet or less.

What’s the difference between jerkbait and crankbait?

Crankbaits are generally shorter and fatter, while jerkbaits are slender and longer. Jerkbaits mostly have three treble hooks, while crankbaits have two. The most common types of bills for both jerkbaits and crankbaits include square bills, diamond-shaped bills, and rounded bills.

What is the best deep diving crankbait?

6 Great Deep-Diving Bass Crankbaits

  • Bomber| Fat Free Shad. The Bomber Fat Free Shad BD8F/BD8SF dives up to 19 feet. …
  • Koppers | LIVETARGET Crawfish. …
  • Rapala | Scatter Rap. …
  • Bomber| Fat Free Shad. …
  • Koppers | LIVETARGET Crawfish. …
  • Rapala | Scatter Rap.
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