How many fish can be in a Biofloc tank?

How many fish should be in a Biofloc tank?

Each biofloc tank is stocked with about 1,000-1,500 numbers of quality fish (2-3 cm) or fingerlings (8-10 cm) with a target of 500 kg fish production over a 6 month period. Fish grows to about 200 grams within 3 months and 700 -800 grams within 6 months.

How many fish can you have in a 1000 Litre tank?

Working with tank volume

Tank water volume of 1000 litres you work out the number of fish like this: (1m3) multiplied by Density Factor (25kg/m3) divided by the weight of fish at harvest (0.5kg) will give you the amount of fish to stock with. This example = 50 fish.

How many fish can you have in a 20000 Litre Biofloc tank?

Kisanflex PVC Biofloc Fish Tank 20000 Litre, 650 GSM, 550 GSM, Size: 1.3 Mtr, | ID: 22108385748.

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How many fish can you have in a 5000 Litre tank?

Kisanflex PVC Biofloc Fish Tank 5000 Litre, Size: 1.3 Mtr, | ID: 22108303833.

Is Biofloc fish healthy?

A good nutritional value is found in biofloc. The dry weight protein ranges from 25 – 50 percent, fat ranges 0.5 – 15 percent. It is a good source of vitamins and minerals, particularly phosphorous. It also has an effect similar to probiotics.

Does Biofloc need sunlight?

Best of all, implementing biofloc principles requires little investment – as only sunlight, a carbohydrate source and plenty of aeration are needed. Biofloc systems bank on photosynthesis to convert uneaten feeds, faeces and excess nutrients into food.

What fish can I put in a 15 Litre tank?

If you are willing to clean your tank out at least once a week (by replacing about a fifth of the water), you can get fish such as neon tetras, guppies, or platties.

How many Litres of water should be in a fish tank?

The general rule of thumb is 1″ of fish per 4 liters, so you could have around five 3″ fish, or four 4″ fish.

Which fish is best for Biofloc fish farming?

Best five fish species for biofloc fish farming in India

  • TILAPIA: Rich in taste, tolerant to wide variety of water conditions like high salinity, high water temperature, low dissolved oxygen and high ammonia. …
  • CATFISH: …
  • CARP: …
  • BASS:

Is Biofloc fish farming profitable?

Biofloc is a Profitable Method of Fish Farming. … Biofloc helps in cleaning the culture water of the fish while giving an additional source of feed. It is a sustainable and eco-friendly process. Rearing of fish at high-density requires some waste management system.

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How much water should I put in my aquaponics fish?

In a smaller sized tank, <50 gallons of water, we recommend stocking the tank with 1″ of fish for every 1 gallon of water. For example, a 10-gallon tank could hold 10x 1″ fish or 5x 2″ fish.

How many bags of feed do I need for 5000 catfish?


500 22.5 337.5
1,000 45 675
3,000 135 2,025
5,000 225 3,375

How do you build a Biofloc tank?

Fill the tank with approximately 35-50% with fresh water. Do not fill more than 50% as bacteria need certain environment for its growth. Depending on the Water Volume add the gradients with below mentioned ratio. – Add Lime 0.05g/Litre, Jaggery 0.1g/Litre and Probiotic 0.03g/Litre in above mentioned ratio.

How many fish can you put in a 35 Litre tank?

How many small fish can I put in a 35 Litre tank? 8-9 fish in that tank could work if they where embers but if you got guppies or platys it wouldn’t. There are too many factors to take into consideration to use a blanket statement like 1 inch per gallon for example.

How much is 1000 liters of tilapia?

So if it’s 1 inch full size fishes, u can keep 16 to 20 of them in a 1000 liter tank, healthily. Other imp factors of oxygen, water parameters, filtration is ofcourse important.

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