Question: What are the most common fish in the Florida Keys?

What is the best fish to catch in the Keys?

This is a list of the best fish species to catch which you can use to plan your fishing excursions.

  • Mutton Snapper – Good.
  • Sailfish – Excellent.
  • Shark – Fair.
  • Swordfish – Good.
  • Tarpon – Excellent.
  • Wahoo – Good.
  • Yellowfin Tuna – Fair.
  • Yellowtail Snapper – Good.

What kind of fish do you catch in the Florida Keys?

Florida Bay, edged by the “inner” curve of the Keys and the Florida mainland, is referred to locally as the backcountry, home to five of the most sought-after game fish among recreational anglers: bonefish, tarpon, permit, redfish (red drum) and snook.

Where is the best fishing in Florida Keys?

The Best Places to Go Fishing Along the Florida Keys

  • Islamorada. Billing itself as the “sport fishing capital of the world,” Islamorada promises picture-worthy catches. …
  • Marathon. Situated in the heart of the Florida Keys, Marathon is one of the region’s most historic—and hopping—areas. …
  • Big Pine Key. …
  • Key Largo.
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What fish can you keep in the Keys?


  • Mangrove Snapper. Mangrove snappers (other names: gray snapper, mangos, grovers) are probably one of the most prevalent Key West fish species in the backcountry waters. …
  • Mutton Snapper. …
  • Yellowtail Snapper. …
  • Lane Snapper. …
  • Red Grouper. …
  • Black grouper. …
  • Goliath Grouper. …
  • Black Tip Sharks.

What’s the best fish to eat in Key West?

5 Best Fish to Eat in Key West

  1. Grouper. There are more than 10 Grouper species swimming out there in the ocean. …
  2. Red Snapper. Red Snapper is a favorite in the Florida Keys. …
  3. Mackerel. Mackerel is an oily fish that is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. …
  4. Dolphin Fish (Mahi Mahi) …
  5. Wahoo.

What is the best month to fish in Florida?

Fishing Calendar

Fish Season Best
Dolphin April-September May-June
Tarpon Year Round June – October
Grouper Jan 1 – May 31 November – March
Kingfish September-April December – March

Does anyone live on Marquesas Keys?

The Marquesas Keys form an uninhabited island group about 20 miles (32 km) west of Key West, four miles (6 km) in diameter, and largely covered by mangrove forest.

What fish is Key West known for?

The Florida Keys and the waters around Key West are world-renowned for a huge population of big Tarpon. Tarpon Fishing Key West is legendary as one of the great saltwater game fishes.

What is the prettiest Florida Key?

Most Scenic Views in the Florida Keys

  • Key West – Fort Zachary Taylor State Park. …
  • Big Pine Key – National Key Deer Refuge. …
  • Marathon – Bahia Honda State Park. …
  • Marathon – Seven Mile Bridge. …
  • Pigeon Key. …
  • Islamorada – Florida Bay. …
  • Key Largo – John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.
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Is Key West dangerous?

The fact is that some of the more dangerous places in Key West have three times the national average in crime rates. It’s certainly nothing to obsess about, but it is wise to use caution and be aware of where you are and what is going on around you at all times when you’re visiting.

Are there alligators in Key West?

There are alligators 25 miles from Key West on Big Pine Key, so it’s not a stretch that one may appear from time to time very near or even on the island of Key West. Gators are naturally a fresh water animal, but have been known to travel through brackish water.

Whats biting in the Keys?

Mutton and Red Snapper, Gag and Red Grouper are the most frequent catches. But you will often hook into King Mackerel, Yellowtail Snapper, Barracuda, and Sharks. If your friends think fishing is boring, bottom fishing around the Marquesas Keys is the perfect remedy for them.

What’s biting in Islamorada?

The species are endless. Some favorites include tarpon, permit, bonefish, redfish, snook, shark, sailfish, mahi, wahoo, backfin tuna, hogfish and many species of snapper. Epic does not even do justice to describing the fishing in Islamorada.

Whats biting in the Florida Keys?

Its easy to load up on many species such as: snapper, mackerel, bluefish, jacks, sharks, cobia, barracudas, Trout, redfish, snook, grouper and on the warmer days see some tarpon. Reef fishing holds a great yellowtail and mutton snapper bite with an outstanding kingfish bite with really large fish on the reef.

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