Question: Will Dalmation Mollies eat other fish?

Yes it’s normal, it could be that they are breeding too. Mollies sometimes chase and attack other mollies while feeding but they will not cause that much harm.

Are Dalmation mollies aggressive fish?

So, are Dalmation Mollies Aggressive? dalmation mollies are naturally non-aggressive. … Dalmation mollies are suitable for some particular species in the same fish tank. Also, they can be in danger when you place them with some dangerous species like male betta.

What fish do Dalmation mollies get along with?

The best tank mates for molly fish include other Guppies, Platys, Swordtails, Gourami fish, Female Bettas, Endlers, Danios, Minnows, Tetras, Snails, Shrimp, and other molly fish. All livebearers like molly fish get along great together. They are all the same aggression levels and breed in the same manner.

Which fish can live with mollies?

15 Best Molly Fish Tank Mates – Fish & Invertebrates Compatible with Mollies

  1. Guppy Fish. Guppy Fish. …
  2. Endlers. Endler Guppy Fish. …
  3. Platy. Platy Fish. …
  4. Swordtail. Low-maintenance requirements and an oddly-shaped body make these fish an interesting addition to a community aquarium. …
  5. Neon Tetras. …
  6. Zebra Danio. …
  7. Minnows. …
  8. Corydoras.
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Can mollies kill goldfish?

Never. Mollies will attack Goldfish until they die. Goldfish friendly fishes are Angel, Guppies, Tiger Sharks, Tetras, sucker Cat, and that’s it. DON’T try to have a community tank if you have goldfishes.

Do molly fish die easily?

Do mollies die easily? Overfeeding causes mollies to produce a lot of waste, more than you’re removing with weekly water changes. With waste products accumulating and oxygen levels dropping, fish become ill and eventually die off.

Do mollies kill other fish?

Do Mollies kill other fish? Mollies can be somewhat rough with each other, but usually not to the point where they’d kill other fish. Adding 4 at the same time may have overloaded your system with ammonia, which can stress and kill fish. Add on top of that the aggression from the dominant molly, and you have dead fish.

How many mollies should be kept together?

Mollies tend to stick together most of the time, which is why you should keep them in groups of 4 or more. If you are planning to keep more than 4 mollies, make sure you get a 20-gallon tank at least. A 45- gallon tank should be a perfect choice if you plan to manage multiple shoals of mollies.

Can I keep a single Molly?

Prolific breeding is indeed a characteristic you can never take away from livebearers. But keeping just one Molly is not unheard of. Mollies do not get agitated or aggressive when separated from each other unlike other schooling fish like Tetras or Barbs. However, your Molly might get lonely if kept alone.

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How long do Dalmation mollies live?

Generally speaking, Dalmatian mollies live for anywhere between 3 and 5 years. In optimal conditions they can even reach 6 years of age, but that is if you are lucky and take superb care of your Dalmation molly.

What can I put with mollies?

Some species that make good Molly fish tank mates are Dwarf Cichlids, Rams, Discus, Keyhole Cichlids, and Severums. They need at least a 20-gallon tank, as they can grow up to 8 inches in captivity.

What do Dalmation mollies eat?

The Dalmatian is omnivorous and requires algae. Provide these fish with an algae-based flake food, as well as freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex, and brine shrimp.

Can I put a goldfish with mollies?

Unfortunately, goldfish and molly fish should not be kept together and it’s best if you pick other, compatible mates that are more similar in water requirements and behavior. Community tanks can be difficult to set up, but this shouldn’t keep you from finding compatible mates and enjoying a mixed-species tank.

Can Molly fish breed with goldfish?

Mollies Temperament

Mollies are also another peaceful breed of fish! However, they are not recommended to be placed with Goldfish, which may not make any sense due to their temperaments being similar.

Why do mollies chase other fish?

The reasons why Molly fish will chase each other and seem aggressive has to do mostly with mating rituals that involve attention-seeking behavior. Also, much like other animals, male mollies will become territorial and will attempt to defend their interests from the other males in the aquarium.

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