What fish can you keep in Minnesota right now?

You can catch some fish such as crappie, catfish, sunfish, perch and bullhead at any time. Fish such as walleye, northern pike and bass – commonly called gamefish – can only be caught during certain times of the year.

What fish are in season in MN?


05/15/21 – 09/30/21 Lake trout Statewide inland waters
05/29/21 – 09/12/21 Smallmouth bass Statewide excluding northeastern Minnesota
06/05/21 – 12/01/21 Muskellunge Statewide inland waters
06/16/21 – 04/14/22 Lake sturgeon and shovelnose sturgeon Statewide inland waters

Can I fish for bass right now in Minnesota?

Anglers can fish for smallmouth and largemouth bass starting each year on same day as the walleye and northern pike fishing opener. … For more details on seasons and special regulations for individual waters, see Fish Minnesota.

How big do fish have to be to keep in Minnesota?

The combined species daily limit is one fish, and the minimum size is 48 inches, although certain lakes have a 40-inch minimum.

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Can I fish for trout now in MN?

The DNR has in recent years greatly expanded the seasons for trout fishing in southeast Minnesota. All trout streams in Houston, Fillmore, Dodge, Mower, Olmsted, Winona, Goodue and Wabasha counties are open for catch-and-release fishing from January 1 until the harvest season opener on the Saturday closest to April 15.

What months can you ice fish in Minnesota?

Early December through early January at first ice is always an excellent time to enjoy active fishing and trophy walleyes and northern pike. We start our season as soon as we have 12 inches of ice typically the first week in December.

What is the limit for bass in Minnesota?

While on or angling in the following waters, all largemouth bass and smallmouth bass in possession must be less than 14 inches in length or greater than 20 inches in length. All largemouth bass and smallmouth bass that are 14 to 20 inches in length, inclusive, must be immediately returned to the water.

Can you fish at night in Minnesota?

Night fishing with live bait is another highly effective strategy when hunting for the state fish of Minnesota. The rule of thumb for walleye fishing in Minnesota is to go during low-light periods. That means the late evening hours and early morning.

Can you catch and release fish out of season in Minnesota?

Inland fishing right now requires a 2016 Minnesota license. Fishing out of season is a nuanced thing because it involved intent. But it’s against the law nonetheless. You can’t stop a walleye from biting your crappie jig, and if you release it promptly, you’re fine.

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How late can you fish in MN?

You can fish in spring, summer, fall and winter. You can fish any day of the year if the kind of fish you’re trying to catch can be legally caught on the day you’re fishing.

Can you keep sunfish in MN?

The inland water possession limit is still 20 sunfish per angler. So a person can catch the daily limit and return the next day to fish again, as long as they don’t exceed the possession limit of 20 fish, said David Weitzel, a fisheries area supervisor for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

What size pike can you keep in MN?

The approach here is meant to maintain harvest opportunity and protect large fish already present. In the northeast zone, anglers can keep two pike. All from 30 to 40 inches require release and only one over 40 inches is allowed in possession. Spearers can take two pike but only one may be larger than 26 inches.

Where can I catch big trout in Minnesota?

Both the Temperance and Cross rivers at Temperance River State Park are designated trout streams, and the Temperance River has been stocked with brook, brown and rainbow trout for many years. The Knife River is the state’s top steelhead stream.

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