What is gift the fish for?

What Does gift the fish do?

In the GIFT method, full-sibling families of fish are reared in small, separate enclosures until they are big enough to be tagged with a microchip and moved into a communal pond. The tags allow researchers to identify individual fish and track their growth against their siblings and other individuals.

What Does gift the fish do in Hypixel?

Item Metadata

Gift the Fish is a Special item with no current functionality. It is obtained as a drop from Gifts. After the item is found, the following message will be sent to everyone in the lobby: SANTA GIFT!

What are all the special fish in Hypixel skyblock?


  • Nope The Fish. Obtaining: It is obtained by finishing the End Race in less than 80 seconds. …
  • Shrimp The Fish. …
  • Bat The Fish. …
  • Gift The Fish. …
  • Flake The Fish. …
  • Oops The Fish. …
  • Cluck The Fish. …
  • Spook The Fish.
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How do I get cluck the fish?

Cluck The Fish is a Special item obtained from the chicken on the NPC Gulliver’s lead. The chicken will lay an egg approximately every 13 minutes, with a random chance of the drop instead being Cluck the Fish.

What is a golden gift Hypixel skyblock?

The Golden Gift is a Special item obtained through Gifts. … Unlike all the other Gifts, this cannot be opened. It’s the first special item to use a custom texture instead of an enchanted Vanilla Minecraft item.

What is hunk of ice used for Hypixel skyblock?

The Hunk of Ice is an Uncommon drop from Jerry Pond fishing mobs. It can be used to add a special Reforge to Fishing Rods by talking to Terry.

How do you get bat the fish in skyblock?

Bat the Fish is a Special item. It is likely related to Nope The Fish and Shrimp the Fish. It is a Rare drop from Bat Piñatas which are randomly summoned by the server.

How do you get a snowman pet in skyblock?

Combat Pet that is rarely obtained from Gifts from the Defend Jerry’s Workshop Event. The pet used to be a Vanilla Snow Golem, but has since been reworked, changing the abilities and changing its form to a floating head. The Legendary variant is the only rarity that is obtainable.

How do you get snow minions in skyblock?

Snow Minions are a type of Minion that produce, and collect Snow. They are a rare drop displayed as a SWEET! reward obtained from opening Gifts from the Jerry’s Workshop event from presents, with around a 0.4% chance from White Gifts and Green Gifts or a 1.2% chance from Red Gifts.

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Where do you get Fish in Hypixel?

Raw Fish can be bought from the Fish Merchant for 20 coins each.

Who has eternal crystal Hypixel SkyBlock?

Trivia. The only known players to have this item are SuperTier and Plancke have it reforged to Itchy in their accessory bag, (second link in case it gets deleted), and in their inventory. The admin Plancke has one in his accessory bag https://sky.lea.moe/stats/Plancke/Blueberry.

How rare is cluck the fish?

Cluck the Fish: One of Four in Existence.

How do you kill Gulliver’s Chicken in Hypixel?

You can kill Gulliver’s chicken with a voodoo doll.

Where is Gulliver Hypixel SkyBlock?

Gulliver is a race NPC located in the Jerry’s Workshop during the Season of Jerry.

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