What is the speed of blue fish?

Well known as one of the fastest fish in the ocean, these very large fish are said to average 50 mph / 80 kph however can reach up to 68 mph / 110 kph! The Blue Marlin is one of the largest fish in the world, weighing up to 2000 lbs / 900 kgs.

What are the top 10 fastest fish?

Top 10: What are the fastest fish in the world?

  • Black marlin.
  • Sailfish.
  • Striped marlin.
  • Wahoo.
  • Mako shark.
  • Atlantic bluefin tuna.
  • Blue shark.
  • Bonefish.

What are the 4 fastest fish?

The Fastest Fish in the World

  • Sailfish (68 mph) Jens Kuhfs / Getty Images. …
  • Swordfish (60-80 mph) Jeff Rotman / Getty Images. …
  • Marlin (80 mph) Georgette Douwma / Getty Images. …
  • Wahoo (48 mph) Reinhard Dirscherl / Getty Images. …
  • Tuna (46 mph) Jeff Rotman / Getty Images. …
  • Bonito (40 mph) Ian O’Leary / Getty Images.

What is the second fastest fish?

Shakeel Anwar

Name of fish Description
1. Black marlin Scientific name: Istiompax indica Swimming speed: 105 km/h to 129 km/h Inhabited region: Australian coast and tropical Indo-Pacific
2. Sailfish Scientific name: Istiophorus Swimming speed: 100 km/h to 110km/h Inhabited region: Indian and Pacific Oceans

Which is the most famous fish?

10 Most Popular Fish Make Up 90% of Volume

Shrimp 4.0 Shrimp
Canned Tuna 2.7 Canned Tuna
Salmon 1.999 Salmon
Tilapia 1.450 Alaska Pollock
Alaska Pollock 1.192 Tilapia
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Which is the best fish in the world?

In this article, we look at eight of the best types of fish to eat, including their nutritional profiles and how to cook them.

  1. Wild-caught salmon. Share on Pinterest Salmon is a good source of vitamin D and calcium. …
  2. Tuna. …
  3. Rainbow trout. …
  4. Pacific halibut. …
  5. Mackerel. …
  6. Cod. …
  7. Sardines. …
  8. Herring.

Which is the most poisonous fish in the world?

The most venomous known fish is the reef stonefish. It is an ambush predator which waits camouflaged on the bottom. The beautiful and highly visible lionfish uses venomous barbs around its body as a defence against predators.

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