What is the water temperature of the St Croix River?

How cold is the St Croix River right now?

Water temperature in Saint Croix today is 82.9°F.

During those months, Saint Croix water temperature does not drop below 68°F and therefore suitable for comfortable swimming.

Can you swim in the St Croix River?

Local Swimming Beaches

Riverfront Park and Beach—This stretch of swimming beach along the St. Croix River offers a small play area, pavilion and public parking.

Is the St Croix River clean to swim in?

The St. Croix and Namekagon Rivers are exceptional because their water is still very clean — while other waterways have been fouled and polluted. Although our rivers are not pristine, they are overall healthy. Clean water is why we love swimming in these rivers on hot summer days.

Is St Croix River safe?

The high levels of phosphorus in the St. Croix are not a human health risk, and the river remains safe for swimming, fishing and boating, Nichols said.

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Is the St. Croix River low?

Months of dry conditions have sent the river plunging to levels not seen in decades. The St. Croix River’s water is really low right now — nearly as shallow as it’s ever been in recorded history.

Is St Croix still no wake?

The St. Croix River at Stillwater dropped under 683′ above sea level today, meaning high water no-wake rules have been lifted. It crested at 686′ about 10 days ago.

What is the best beach in St Croix?

St Croix Beaches USVI

  • Cane Bay Beach. …
  • Carambola Beach Resort. …
  • Buccaneer Beach. …
  • Sandy Point Beach. …
  • Rainbow Beach. …
  • Hotel on the Cay Beach. …
  • Tamarind Reef Hotel Beach. 10 Best St Croix Beaches: Tamarind Reef Beach. …
  • The Palms at Pelican Cove Beach. 10 Best St Croix Beaches: Pelican Cove Beach.

Why is the St Croix River important?

The St. Croix River/Brule River was a favored fur trade route from the Mississippi River to Lake Superior. Interaction took place between traders and Dakota and Ojibwe and other Indians as they traveled the rivers and traded. In 1837 a treaty opened the area to settlement by Euro-Americans.

What fish are in the St Croix River?

Walleye, sauger and smallmouth bass are the primary target of anglers fishing this stretch of river. A variety of other fish offer additional opportunities. Sturgeon, muskellunge, white bass and catfish are just some of the fish anglers can seek.

How dirty is the St Croix River?

The stretch of the river from Taylors Falls to Lake St. Croix is considered impaired because of phosphorus levels. Cities and industries discharge stormwater and treated wastewater into the river, which can contain phosphorus and other pollutants. That includes chloride from road salt or water softeners.

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What lives in the St Croix River?

Croix River the surrounding area boasts a tremendous amount of wildlife! Four types of turtles are common in and around the St. Croix: the painted turtle, snapping turtle, softshell turtle, and map turtle! Deer are also common and can be spotted playing around or swimming in the water.

Where does the St Croix River?

Beginning in Upper St. Croix Lake in Douglas County, Wisconsin, the St. Croix River flows 164 miles to its confluence with the Mississippi River near Prescott, Wisconsin. The majority of the river creates the state boundary between Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Is St Croix beach open?

Park closes at 10:00 pm.

The park is officially open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Weather permitting the park & beach will be open the weekend following Labor Day.

Is the St Croix River international waters?

The International St. Croix River Watershed Board was designated by the International Joint Commission as its first international watershed board in April 2007. The Board helps to prevent and resolve disputes over the boundary waters of the St.

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