Where can I fish on the Potomac River?

Can you fish on the Potomac River?

Fishing The Tidal Potomac

The tidal Potomac River offers some of the finest fishing, crabbing and shellfishing on the Atlantic coast. The estuary runs from the tidal fresh waters of Washington, DC to the mid-range salinities of the Chesapeake Bay at Point Lookout, Maryland and Smith Point, Virginia.

Do you need a license to fish on the Potomac River?

Above the 301 Bridge – you are required to have one of the following: Potomac River Fisheries Sport Fishing License, or. Virginia Saltwater Recreational License, or. … Virginia Statewide Freshwater Fishing License.

What kind of fish can I catch in the Potomac River?


  • Shad.
  • Striped Bass.
  • White Perch.
  • Smallmouth Bass.
  • Blue Catfish (Invasive Threat)
  • Snakehead (Invasive Threat)

What is the best bait to use in the Potomac River?

Blue, Channel, and Flathead Catfish can be caught throughout the entire river, but the largest ones are found from DC down to Indian Head. Look for areas with bridge pilings, boulders, and underwater trees that break up the current. You’ll want to use live bait, such as herring or mullet, when going after this beast.

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Are there sharks in the Potomac River?

Bull Shark (Carcharhinus leucas)

TRICK: Yes, their are sharks in the Potomac River! As their name suggests, bull sharks are big and quite aggressive. Just last year, a fisherman caught a 310-pound, 8.6 foot long bull in the river.

Is it safe to swim in Potomac River?

It is illegal to go swimming in the Great Falls area of the Potomac River, an area also known as Mather Gorge. … There are still extremely strong currents under the water that can pull the unaware swimmer down into the river’s depths.

Is the Potomac River freshwater or saltwater?

Because the Potomac does not connect with the sea (Atlantic Ocean) but with Chesapeake Bay, fresh Potomac River water mixes with brackish Chesapeake Bay water in the Potomac Estuary. The reach of the Potomac River that contains only fresh water but is still influenced by tides is termed the tidal Potomac River.

How is the fishing in the Potomac River?

The upper Potomac is still stained but is fishing well. Early morning and evening finds smallmouth along shorelines. Rock gardens and ledges mid stream and in shade are targets during the day. The earlier rains and cooler temperatures have spread the fish out a bit. have reported some nice smallmouth around Paw Paw.

How much is the fine for fishing without a license in Maryland?

When you’re caught violating Maryland’s DNR citations laws, you may pay up to $1,000 at the court’s discretion. This law applies only to first offenders. You would pay more than that for a second offense. A year-long freshwater/non-tidal license costs $30.50 for non-residents and $20.50 for resident anglers.

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What is considered upper Potomac River?

The upper Potomac involves every part of the river that is not tidal. That includes all waters from as far north as Cumberland, MD all the way to Little Falls, Washington DC.

What lives in the Potomac River?

Native fish, including bass, muskellunge, pike, walleye, shad, and white perch all suffered as a result. Meanwhile, the invasive northern snakehead made its way into the river basin along with predatory blue catfish, putting native species at risk.

Can you eat snakehead fish?

The short answer is yes, northern snakehead is an excellent fish to eat. In fact, they originally ended up in that Crofton, Maryland pond because they were brought here for eating. … Snakehead meat is firm, white and flaky. This allows the fish to be prepared in many different ways.

How deep is the Potomac River?

–The depth is 24 feet for Potomac River from the mouth to Hains Point; 38 feet or more are available to Ragged Point, 20 miles above the mouth; thence about 18 feet to Hains Point. Vessels anchor near the channel where the bottom is soft; vessels anchor in Cornfield Harbor or St.

Are there catfish in the Potomac River?

As an introduced species, blue catfish are now commonly found in the tidal Potomac River and some of the other tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay. Studies are currently underway to determine their impact on other aquatic species. More information about the blue catfish can be found on our Fish Facts Page.

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