Where can I fly fish in Flagstaff?

Where can I fly fish in AZ?

Best Fly Fishing in Arizona

  • Lees Ferry. If you’re planning to check out the Grand Canyon while in Arizona, then Lees Ferry can act as the perfect spot for fishing. …
  • The Imperial Reservoir. If it’s bass you’re after, then you can find them at the Imperial Reservoir. …
  • Oak Creek. …
  • The White Mountains. …
  • Apache Lake.

Can you fly fish anywhere?

You can fly fish just about anywhere fish live – in streams, lakes – even in the ocean. Finding the right spot will depend on what type of fish you would like to catch. There’s probably a suitable fishing spot close to where you live.

Does Arizona have good fly fishing?

Most people, however, aren’t aware of the quality fisheries. Whether you’re looking to find bass in a large lake or hiking through the backcountry for trout, the fishing in the southwest should not be overlooked. Arizona should be near the top of the list for best fishing in the southwest.

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Where is the best place to fly fish?

Here is a list of the 31 best places to fly fish in the United States.

  • Madison River, MT – Legendary Fly Fishing. …
  • Yellowstone River, MT – Big Water for Flies. …
  • Boulder River, MT – Low Pressure Fly Fishing. …
  • Missouri River, MT – 1000’s of Fish/Mile. …
  • Bighorn River, WY – Wade or Float.

Where is the best trout fishing in Arizona?

Arizona trout fishing destinations are diverse and beautiful, begin your search for an Arizona rainbow at Dead Horse Ranch lagoons, Dankworth Pond, Fool Hollow Lake, Roper Lake, and Patagonia Lake, Verde River Greenway and Oak Creek at Slide Rock state Park.

Where can I fly fish in Sedona?

Here are a few recommended spots for fly fishing:

  • Page Springs. In the Page Springs area, Oak Creek is accessible by taking Forest Road #119 off of Highway 89A, which will take you to Page Springs Road and to this area of Oak Creek.
  • Grasshopper Point. …
  • West Fork of Oak Creek. …
  • Recommendations. …
  • Directions.

Can you fly fish from the shore?

So, can you fly fish from shore? Yes, you can. There are several ways to effectively find, stalk and cast to fish with fly fishing equipment right from shore. Even if you have trees behind you or you’re fishing in tight quarters, the right techniques will help you catch fish without getting your feet wet.

Is it hard to fly fish?

Fly fishing is hard. … Just as with any other sport, this one takes time to practice the fly fishing basics and get used to what you need to do to cast, and to match your flies, and even where to look for fish. Fly fishing is part mental and part physical, which is part of what makes it such an enjoyable sport.

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Can you fly fish all year round?

Fly fishing season peaks between the months of April and October. Though, for fly fishermen willing to brave the cold weather, it is technically a year-round sport. Additionally, with an abundance of warm weather destinations, fly fishing can be enjoyed all year long.

Where is the best trout fishing in New Mexico?

New Mexico has some of the best fly fishing in the United States. The San Juan River quality waters below Navajo Lake reservoir dam is consistently named as some of the best trout fisheries in the country.

Where is the best fly fishing in Colorado?

10 Western Colorado Fly-Fishing Spots

  • Upper Arkansas River (Gold Medal) …
  • Blue Mesa Reservoir. …
  • Animas River (Gold Medal Waters) …
  • Grand Mesa Lakes. …
  • Gunnison River (Gold Medal Waters) …
  • Steamboat Lake State Park (Gold Medal) …
  • Trappers Lake. …
  • Wolford Mountain Reservoir.

Is there salt water in Arizona?

Very few places in the world have salt rivers as they do not commonly occur naturally. … The Arizona Salt River starts from the fresh water of the Gila river and only eventually flows into the Salt River Tributary once it leaves the Arizona White Mountains.

What can you fly fish for?

Fly fishing is most renowned as a method for catching trout, grayling and salmon, but it is also used for a wide variety of species including pike, bass, panfish, and carp, as well as marine species, such as redfish, snook, tarpon, bonefish and striped bass.

Does fly fishing catch more fish?

You can catch a wide range of species

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Last but not least, another reason why people believe you can catch more fish with fly fishing is that you will be able to catch all types of species. This includes bluegills, bass, trout, and many more.

Where can I fish the Beaverkill?

Best Places to Fish the Beaverkill River

In the section between Balsam Lake to Shin Creek, the pools become larger, with fast riffles. Here, you’ll find Jones Falls, which offers excellent angling. The next section that runs to Junction Pool is much wider, measuring at about 70 feet wide.

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