Where is the best fishing on Flathead Lake?

Woods Bay, Yellow Bay, Blue Bay, and West Shore State Park are reasonably sheltered spots with deep water close to the ramp for smaller boats. Other productive jigging areas are the river mouth, Conrad Point, Painted Rocks/Cedar Island, Wildhorse Island, the Narrows, Finley Point, and Gravel Bay.

Is there good fishing in Flathead Lake?

Flathead Lake is very popular for pleasure boaters. … The lake itself offers excellent fishing, but not necessarily for fly fishing. The fish species in the lake consist primarily of lake trout, pike, yellow perch and whitefish, with some rainbow trout, bass, kokanee salmon and bull trout also found.

Which side of Flathead Lake is better?

The west side is a faster road, so if you want an easy drive – that would be the better road to take. There are some beautiful vistas of the lake and the Rocky Mountains in the distance as you travel towards GNP – and it’s a lovely road to travel.

How do you catch lake trout in Flathead Lake?

To catch the really big lake trout, you’ll want to head to the deep waters of the lake and have long lines since lake trout like to hang out close to the bottom where it’s cold. Downriggers and steel lines are typically needed for this type of ambitious Flathead Lake fishing since depth can reach up to 100 feet.

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What animals live in Flathead Lake?

The lake is inhabited by the native bull trout and cutthroat trout, as well as the non-native lake trout, yellow perch, and lake whitefish. Local residents have reported sighting other aquatic fauna in the lake as well, such as sturgeon and the Flathead Lake Monster.

Is Flathead Lake Worth Visiting?

The Flathead is a place everyone needs to visit, even for a day. Aside from the Lake, there is alot of history in Polson. There are museums, golfing, fishing,rafting and Salish and Kooetnai Indian tribe has a people’s center for visitors, which explains ther tribal history for the Flathead Reservation.

Where do you stop on Flathead Lake?

For anyone interested in a wide range of Flathead Lake activities the state recreation areas are a great choice: Elmo, Big Arm, Finley Point, Walstad Memorial Park, Yellow Bay, Woods Bay, and Wayfarer are among the public access sites that offer full amenities for picnicking, swimming, camping, doing watersports, …

Can you swim in Flathead Lake?

As one of the cleanest in the world, Flathead Lake is perfect for OPEN WATER SWIMMING! No sharks, no jellyfish, and no lane lanes, just clear, clean, and crisp water! Water at Flathead Lake’s bathing beaches is monitored for recreational water quality during effective swimming season: July 1st through September 1st.

How do you catch fish in Flathead Lake?

In Flathead Lake, look for whitefish in 20′-60′ of water over sand and gravel bars and off points. They can be caught in 100′-150′ of water but it’s trickier. In general, you’ll need to be anchored or drifting very slowly.

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Is Flathead a freshwater fish?

The freshwater flathead, also known as Congoli, Tupong, or Sandy Trout, occur in South Eastern Australia. They are primarily a marine species of coastal waters, but also occur in estuaries and rivers.

Are there walleye in Flathead Lake?

The only walleye in the Flathead are small pockets of fish illegally introduced to area lakes. But despite the fact there may never be state-promoted walleye fishing on the west side of the Continental Divide, the species seems to be growing in popularity.

Why is Flathead Lake so clear?

The lake is actually a remnant of a massive inland sea — Lake Missoula — which covered much of the region during the last interglacial, some 13,000 years ago. The lake is relatively deep, with a maximum depth of 370 feet, and is known for its crystal clear waters.

Are there sturgeon in Flathead Lake?

With the Spring Mack Days fishing derby underway, this may be an opportune time to tell about the controversial Flathead Lake sturgeon catch of May 28, 1955. Since 1889, there have been more than 100 recorded sightings of super-sized fish and other strange objects or critters in the lake.

Are lake trout native to Flathead Lake?

Lake Trout are native in the St. Mary and Missouri River drainages and have been introduced to a few other scattered mountain lakes, Flathead Lake, and Fort Peck Reservoir.

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