Where is the model and serial number on a St Croix Rod?

Since 2001, every St. Croix rod has a unique serial number. This number is located on the rod blank just above the handle.

Where is the serial number on a fishing rod?

Reel serial numbers:

The serial number is located on the inside of the frame. The location of the serial number may vary depending on the age and model of the reel. The serial number will be etched or engraved and will consist of letters or numbers or a combination of both.

How does St Croix warranty work?

Croix Rods Warranty. The fact that you’re reading this probably means you’ve got a damaged rod. If your rod was damaged due to faulty workmanship, then of course we will cover the cost of the repair or replacement during the warranty period. …

Does St Croix have 2 piece rods?

5-year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service. Technique-specific bass series designed for superior performance.


Manufacturer St. Croix
Rod Type Casting
Technique/Species Bass
Pieces 2 – Two

How do I find my sage serial number?

If you can’t access your software, you can find your software details by logging into My Sage > My Account > My Products and services > Tools. You can find your serial number and activation key within the following locations in Sage 50cloud Payroll: Help > About > Licence Information section. Tools > Upgrade Program.

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Do Shimano reels have serial numbers?

Shimano Rep

There are no serial numbers on these models.

Are St Croix rods worth the money?

The berkly Lightning rod is a great buy for the money but the St. Croix rod is better if you are looking for that extra sensitivity, feel and balance. That is one of the reasons the RCL format is great. You get the opportunity to fish with the Pro’s and use their equipment first hand.

Are St Croix rods good?

Great rod – St Croix makes good equipment. This rod: 6’6” Light Power, Fast action is extremely light and matched with a Shimano Stradic Ci4 1000, casts well and is very sensitive. It does seem a little whippy but that may just be me. Overall I would buy again if something happened to this one.

Are St Croix rods made in USA?

usa factory and factory store. St. Croix’s facility in Park Falls, Wisconsin manufactures our Legend, Avid, Mojo and other rod series. If you are in northern Wisconsin, be sure to sign up for a facility tour, or stop in to purchase your favorite rod right off the factory floor in our retail store.

Will St Croix fix my rod?

For a $25 shipping and handling fee,* we will repair or replace your rod getting you back on the water as soon as possible.

Can a fishing rod be repaired?

Modern fishing rods don’t break easily, but they can be fixed easily with a few simple tools you may have at home. If your rod snapped, you can mend it together with a fiberglass pole and epoxy to hide the break. When one of the guides breaks, you can remove it and wrap a new one in its place.

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What are St Croix rods made of?

SCV / FRS Extraordinary, high-modulus/high-strain graphite fiber with carbon-matte scrim. Featuring FRS, this is the finest all-purpose blank material used in fishing rod manufacturing and is exclusive to St. Croix.

What is the difference between medium and medium/heavy rods?

Light rods handle lures that weigh under 1/16 ounce. Medium-heavy and Heavy rods handle line over 4lb Test and lures between 3/16–1 1/2 ounces.

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