Why do birds and fish have special shapes?

birds and fishes have special shapes like aeroplanes etch. because they have to adjust according to their surroundings likewise birds have to fly and fishes have to swim .

Why do birds have streamlined body shape?

Eldon Greij describes how birds’ streamlined teardrop shape enables them to fly. … The bodies of all flying birds are shaped like teardrops. The streamlining is achieved by specially arranged feathers that reduce the friction that would otherwise act as a drag against the forward-moving body.

Why do birds and Aeroplanes have streamlined body?

It occurs when the fluid closest to the object sticks to its surface, exerting a force that opposes the object’s motion. Many animals, such as birds and dolphins, and many machines, such as airplanes and submarines, have streamlined bodies to reduce friction drag as they move through either air or water.

How is a streamlined body of a bird helpful?

Streamlined body helps bird to fly easily in air by reducing resistance by air and in case of aquatic animals, streamlined body helps to swim easily through water by reducing resistance by water.

What is fish shape?

Bony fishes show great variety in body shape, but the “typical” fish body shape is roughly cylindrical and tapering at both ends. This characteristic fusiform shape is quite energy efficient for swimming. Other fishes have a more streamlined shape.

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What is common between birds and fish?

Both belong to vertebrates. Both have streamlined body. Both lays calcareous eggs. Both have scales.

Which animal has a streamlined body shape?

– Three animals that have streamlined bodies are fishes, birds and snakes. Presence of this kind of body shape is advantageous for their living.

What would happen if birds could not fly but only walk?

Ans. If birds could not fly, they would not be able to save themselves from other animals. It would then become easy to catch the birds.

What is called streamlined?

1 : the path of a particle in a fluid relative to a solid body past which the fluid is moving in smooth flow without turbulence. 2a : a contour designed to minimize resistance to motion through a fluid (such as air) b : a smooth or flowing line designed as if for decreasing air resistance. streamline.

What is a streamlined shape?

A streamlined body is a shape that lowers the friction drag between a fluid, like air and water, and an object moving through that fluid. It offers a minimum resistance to air and water by its particular type of body shape .

Are birds bones hollow?

A bird’s bones are denser. This density makes these thin, hollow bones stiffer and stronger to keep them from breaking. … Birds from chickadees to Sandhill Cranes have hollow bones. Not all bones in a bird’s body are hollow, though, and the number of hollow bones varies among species.

Does fish have streamlined body?

A body is said to be streamlined if it tapers at both ends. For example, fishes have streamlined bodies to help them while swimming in the water, birds have a streamlined body to help them while flying in the air, snakes also have a streamlined body which helps them in their faster movement.

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