Why is Friday fish fry a thing?

German and Polish Catholic immigrants settled in Milwaukee in the 1860s and began the tradition of the Friday fish fry. During Lent, they didn’t eat meat on Fridays, instead eating the fish they caught in Lake Michigan.

Where did the tradition of the Friday fish fry originate?

The fish fry ‘really started during the early 20th century when Lake Michigan-caught perch was abundant and very cheap to serve,’ said Ron Faiola, who produced the 2009 documentary ‘Fish Fry Night Milwaukee,’ which chronicles the fish fry’s enduring popularity in Wisconsin.

Are fish frys a Midwestern thing?

While the fish fry is considered a midwestern tradition, its roots can actually be traced to the Germanic culture of the midwest. In fact, the fish fry is said to have taken off in the 1920s and 1930s, when local bars were unable to sell beer during Prohibition.

Why do they serve rye bread with fish?

Decades ago, fish fry served at restaurants across the state came with rye bread to hold fish bones. Now that bones aren’t common, most restaurants and taverns forgo this timely tradition.

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Is fish fry a buffalo thing?

Like wings, beef on weck, and sponge candy, the Friday night (or any night) fish fry is a sort of a “buffalo thing”. … While the most common time to find Western New Yorkers in search of a good fish fry is during Lent, many of the restaurants mentioned below offer a fish fry dish beyond Lent and more than just Fridays.

Why is fish for Lent?

It turns out that because, according to Christian teaching, Jesus died on a Friday, fasting on Fridays became a way to honor his sacrifice. … Fish, though, which are cold blooded were considered okay to eat on fasting days. Hence, Fish on Fridays and “Fish Friday” (among many other religious holidays) was born.

What kind of fish is fish fry?

If cod isn’t your style, try farm-raised tilapia or catfish. Both these ready-to-fry fish are readily available at most markets and very affordable. Tilapia is a mild-tasting versatile fish allows you to play with various seasonings and batters. Catfish has a stronger taste that pairs well with a corn meal breading.

What is in a fish fry?

But it proved too good not to share, and now it happens in restaurants year-round, with a menu that typically goes something like this: crispy fried fillets, coleslaw, tartar sauce, rye bread, and some sort of potato, all washed down with an icy beer.

Is Friday fish fry a Wisconsin thing?

The modern fish fry tradition is strong in Wisconsin, where hundreds of eateries hold fish fries on Fridays and sometimes on Wednesdays. The Friday night fish fry is a popular-year round tradition in Wisconsin among people of all religious backgrounds.

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What do you eat with fish fry?

Easy Side Dishes for Pan-Fried Fish

  • Easy Green Peas with Mint. Would it be wrong of us to say this was an easy-PEAsy recipe? …
  • Coleslaw. A traditional fried fish side favorite. …
  • Hush Puppies. …
  • Microwave Mashed Potatoes. …
  • Baked Beans. …
  • Mac n Cheese.

What is a Jonah fish fry?

A Jonah Fish Fry brings the community together for a common cause. … Our fish is hand battered and breaded in our top-secret recipe that sets Jonah fish an ocean apart from your out of the lake into the skillet variety.

Is fish considered meat?

Fish is the flesh of an animal used for food, and by that definition, it’s meat. However, many religions don’t consider it meat.

What is a Lenten fish fry?

A Lenten tradition for Catholic parishioners is to give up meat, particularly that of warm-blooded animals, on Fridays. And since fish are cold-blooded, Lenten Friday fish fries were born. Every Friday during Lent — with the exception of Good Friday — there’s a good chance many Catholic churches are holding a fish fry.

What is in Louisiana Fish Fry?

INGREDIENTS: Yellow corn meal, yellow corn flour, salt, monosodium glutamate, spices, citric acid, dried garlic, paprika, calcium phosphate (to prevent caking). PRODUCED WITH GENETIC ENGINEERING.

Where can I buy fish fry in Buffalo?

9 Iconic Fish Frys Spots Around WNY

  • Wiechec’s Lounge. 1748 Clinton St, Buffalo, NY 14206 / Facebook. …
  • Hoak’s. 4100 Lake Shore Rd, Hamburg, NY 14075 / Facebook. …
  • Bailey Seafood. 3316 Bailey Ave, Buffalo, NY 14215 / Website. …
  • Hayes Seafood House. …
  • Hamlin House. …
  • Swannie House. …
  • The Blackthorn Restaurant & Pub. …
  • Curly’s.
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